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On Friendship

Although I have spent most of my adolescent life consuming culture that taught me the opposite, I have always dismissed the idea of soulmates because I understand that this world works by chance and opportunity, and people make decisions that actively take their lives one way or another. So the idea that a certain someone is predestined to enter into my life didn’t make much sense – and I’m still not entirely sure it does now. But I’ll tell you what is starting to make more sense to me: the idea that soulmateship  is not limited to the stuff of romance and marriage.

Early this year, I found a group of friends at University and – particularly in the past few months – I have found myself feeling an incredibly strong sense of home whenever I am around them. And mind you, I like to believe I have surrounded myself with beautiful, enriching friendships my entire life – but something about this feels altogether quite different. I live for our conversations, particularly if they make me reflect on the things in this world I can’t get my head around yet, even more if they make me hold my sides from laughing and the laugh is connecting with everyone else’s laugh and then there is just togetherness.

This feeling of belonging – I think it’s everything. It’s what we are alive for, you know? It’s what we need, even if it means finding belonging in a place of unbelonging. These friends of mine, we are all so different – we come from different cultures and religions and points of interest, and so our friendships are multifaceted, ever changing, constantly challenging, dynamic friendships. And I am obsessed. I can’t describe the value of finding a place where I can be so unapologetically myself while also being granted the permission to push and pull the barriers I’ve created for myself when defining who I am. I am truly obsessed with this feeling, and I am endlessly grateful for it.



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