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A New Year

What is it about New Years that makes everything that little bit more magical?

Maybe it’s because of the hype. Maybe it’s because of the fireworks. Or maybe it’s because, on New Years Eve, as the Earth completes it orbit around the sun and the year draws to a close, we are invited to experience our past, present and future vividly and simultaneously.

The past – because at 11:59 you’re thinking about 2014. You’re thinking about the people you fell in love with, the ones you lost touch with, the things about yourself that you have discovered. By 12:01, you’re thinking about the tomorrow that begins when you wake up, the 2015 that promises new experiences, new dreams, new loves. But between that, as the clock strikes 12 and the colours are exploding above your head, you are thinking about the now. You are falling in love and in love with the now.

That’s why I love New Years – because it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a crap year or not, everyone is in the business of planning and hoping and promising the things about their lives they want to change, and it’s like the world has granted us permission to reset.

So what will you reset about your life this year?

For me, I want to become obsessed with writing. And I want to become obsessed with preserving my memories. And most importantly, I want to become dedicated to the philosophy of mind over matter.

New Years is about hope. Something in the cosmic gives us the strength to believe that, if we want to, we are capable of changing. And that is a thrilling idea!



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