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Rachel Green’s Wardrobe

If there is one TV show that has influenced my life more than any other, it would without a doubt be F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And if there was any one character in the show that influenced the way I dress the most, that would be Rachel Green and her wardrobe. Particularly in season 1 and 2, Rachel’s cool, clean and chic closet of clothes was what got me excited about denim, tartan and stripes. It took a whole lot of watching through episodes, pausing and print-screening (all exhausting feats of labour, clearly), but I’ve narrowed my girl-crush down to 4 iconic outfits. To quote Chandler, could she be any more on point?

1. The Birthday Skirt

outfit 1It was pretty impossible to forget this one: the birthday skirt Rachel bought herself at the end of season 1 in “The One Where Rachel Finds Out” (and that returns in season 2 – “The One With Ross’s New Girlfriend”, accessorised with an adorable bandaid) is one of my personal favourites.

Also the most difficult one to capture in a screenshot since its magnificence is best seen while moving, here’s an awesome sketch I found on pinterest! In particular, I absolutely love the navy, cropped jacket Rachel throws on before running to the airport to confess her love to Ross – like a prom date’s jacket, it adds a kind of I-just-threw-this-on chicness to the entire thing. A+

2. The Preppy School Girl

This one is a pretty timeless look: from Britney’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video clip to “Clueless”, tartan skirts with white knee socks are always adorably cool. But none compare to Rachel Green as she tries to look after (and then lose) a monkey.

Because of this outfit, I am now a huge fan of the crop sweater/short skirt combo – it is perfect for the Australian autumn. In particular, mock turtleneck sweaters add that extra sophistication to an otherwise pre-pubescent outfit – perfect for Uni kids wanting to pretend they are actually super studious. Mix it up with ankle or over-the-knee boots if high socks aren’t quite your thing.

Rachel Green



 3. The Overalls


Rachel Green was a fully-fledged adult, but that didn’t stop her from rocking her dungarees whenever she could!
Pair your overalls – whether they be dungarees or pinafores – with a striped shirt, long sleeve printed tee or lacy singlet! And again, if it gets a little chilly, take a page out of Rachel Green’s flawless chic guide and throw on that navy crop jacket.


4. The Work Out(fits)


a-scene-from-the-friends-thanksgiving-episode-the-one-with-the-football Who else could look this good while working out? Someone who doesn’t really work out, I guess. Turns out Rachel is a pretty bad-ass tap dancer, but she’s not so sharp at football. Either way however, she manages to look pretty damn cute whenever she needs to move her booty! Her aesthetic includes backwards caps, shirts over long-sleeves (I love that look), jumpers around the waist and, most iconic – white tennis shoes. And while I’m here, can we please take a second to also admire her fellow best friends and their respective styles? Dear Phoebe: long floral skirts with converse shoes? Yes, yes, a hundred times yes.
ustv-friends-the-one-with-the-fake-monica (1)


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