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The 365 Project: February

Feb is a pretty weird month.

For one, it’s only 28 days. For another, it’s sometimes 29. Feb is the end of summer for the south. It’s also roughly the time when you stop thinking about how it’s a ‘new’ year – it just becomes another year. It’s also without a doubt the most difficult month to spell.

This February, I did some pretty great stuff. I bid adieu to my sister as she embarks on a 6-month exchange to Sheffield (she’s going to do great!). I started playing netball again with my high school friends, which turns out to be an awesome excuse to catch up each week. And I went on some pretty cute adventures with my friends in the last month of our summer holiday!

The Royal Croquet Club
Picture some kind of huge garden party with food trucks, live music and – oh yes – a giant croquet lawn with tall tennis chairs and Pimms in cute, stripey cups. That was the Royal Croquet Club, a pop-up event near Melbourne’s CBD.

St. Kilda Festival
At one of my favourite annual festivals of the year, I got to dance around to San Cisco (playing in front of the ocean) and chill on the beach with free chia pods. Amidst all the metallic tattoo and print shirt stalls, the Reach Foundation had a blackboard prompting us to write down our greatest ambitions – I thought it was such a nice idea!

Sad, Sick Puppy
My darling dog, old man as he is, was such a sooky puppy after being caught in a summer storm. He wouldn’t let go of his towel, which made him look super sad, but I thought it was hilarious – what  an adorable loser.

Trentham Falls
On a terribly hot day in Feb, I decided to go chasing waterfalls with two friends. We found Trentham Falls, about an hour out of the city, which was gorgeous – but unfortunately too shallow to properly swim. Two other girls brought lilos which was ingenius and I wish I’d thought of that!

Chinese New Year
Since my parents abandoned me for the motherland, I decided to invite some friends over to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Though it rained, it was beautiful and I was so happy I got to use my flags and fairy lights!

Vic’s Farm
Probably one of my favourite days of 2015 so far, I went to my friend Vic’s farm. She has two beautiful little calves and a hilariously derpy horse who wears an eye-mask so ridiculous you cannot help but love him immediately. We lunched with her family on food completely grown on her farm – helping to prepare the meal taught me something very valuable about how we consume food and how important small farms like Vic’s are to sustainability.

I’m proud to say that I have still continued on with the 365 project! February is done and dusted – fingers crossed March is just as great!

Feb gif




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