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The 365 Project: March

March was the month of being brave.

I started my final year of University. I applied (and trained up) for going on student radio with my friend Timmy. I applied for a crazy-competitive student editorship which made me walk around Uni talking to, filming and taking photos of strangers. A piece I wrote on how students experience religion became the cover story of my Uni magazine. Day 60-91 of 2015 pushed me out of my comfort zone, made me fall deeper in love with media and taught me to believe in myself a bit more.

But I guess the point of this project isn’t to simply remember the significant moments in my life – the milestones that I doubt I will forget easily. The point is to also dedicate the same amount of mind-space (or page space, in this case) to the everyday thoughts and activities and ideas that, cumulatively, make me me.

March was also a month to think more about personal style – what makes people pay attention to you, what makes you look more confident and thoughtful, and perhaps most importantly: how do we imagine and mis-imagine others based on the clothes they wear?

This month I also made some kick-ass memories with friends, from Taylor Swift-themed cards to wearing matching tattoos to spending a beautiful day together at the Peninsula Hot Springs.

Here’s to March. May April be just as inspiring!




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