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Queen Alexa Chung

If I could have one person’s wardrobe, it would be Alexa Chung’s. From mini skirts to leopard-print jackets, from gumboots to high street handbags – Alexa’s style is cute, classy and consistently cool, and I am utterly obsessed. Below are some of my favourite outfits of hers: coord1. Oooh yes, I used to think coordination was lame as hell, but then one look at how Alexa rocks it and I was sold. It starts with purchased co-ords like her iconic velvet red suit set, but co-ords also come in the form of colour. It doesn’t matter what material or shade, so long as your top and bottom come from the same colour family tree, you’re good to go! Other ways to co-ord include matching your skirt to your shoes, or your bag to your hat, or your socks to your shirt. It doesn’t really matter, but if you get a lil colour co-ordination into your ‘drobe, then you’re that little bit closer to channeling Queen Chung, and isn’t that the dream? coats2. Although half the world is excited that spring has sprung, the Southern hemisphere is getting excited for Winter style. And no one does Winter better than Alexa. Her coats – HER COATS. From parkas to trench, this girl can do no wrong, and it has made my obsessed with collecting as many shades and cuts to tie me through the fickleness that is Melbourne Winter. dress 3.  And finally, what I like to call the LBD of Alexa Chung, the long-sleeve dress. I LOVE this look – it is the perfect combination of classy and casual. I love the idea of covering a lot of the torso (particularly for us flatter ladies) with sleeves and high necks but showing off the legs with shorter hems. It kills me how rare a long-sleeve find is at my local stores, so if anyone has any recommendations for websites/brands that lend itself to this look, please let me know! It’s the last item I need in my wardrobe before I can officially attempt to evolve into Alexa herself, so help a sister out!



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