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I am an ASOS Student Editor!!

I am so so excited to officially announce that I am one of ten Australian Uni Students selected to be an Editor of ASOS’s Student Hub: ASOS On Campus!!

What seemed like a sort of pipe dream when I first applied back in March has turned into one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had the honour of calling my own. Aside from getting to know nine overwhelmingly-cool and talented co-editors, I also get to write interesting articles, make short videos and (best of all) stalk incredibly stylish people on my campus to take cheeky street-style shots! And of course, I get to work with one of the biggest online fashion destinations and meet incredibly intelligent women pioneering the field of digital and editorial marketing – and this makes me so proud & grateful.

You can read a little “About Me” on the hub here, but I think you should also check out all these guys because together, the ten of us will be bringing you all the coolest news from across our campuses.

I will be uploading APRIL of my 365 Project very soon, and in there I will have more details about the process of getting this position and all of the feels (SO MANY FEELS) – so keep a look out for that.




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