The 365 Project
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The 365 Project: April

April began in a general feeling of ennui. My parents had left for Europe to visit my sister, and I was feeling lonely and lost. But then on the fourth day of April, things started turning around. I got an interview with ASOS for the Student Editor position I applied for in late March.

I had been applying for internships in the Media/Marketing business for almost two years now, with little to no avail. I had gotten a few interviews, but none that excited me too much. And then suddenly, the one job I really thought was out of my reach came knocking at my email door. I was given two tasks – one video task and one written talk, both of which were to “introduce myself”.

Now I’m not sure if any of you have ever had to explain who you are to strangers, but that’s a big question! Throw in the fact that you’re trying to impress some pretty intelligent and style-savvy women, and you’ve got yourself a pretty big challenge. For the next four days I dedicated everything to this upcoming interview – neglecting friends and uni work to do something that made me feel empowered and excited and so happy. And it payed off. It flipping paid off. Because on the 105th day of 2015, I got told I was going to be  an ASOS Student Editor. Below is the video I submitted for my interview, which I’ve only made available through this blog post.

This new job dominated April, but I can’t forget that I also started a radio show with my friend Timmy , which has also been equally time-consuming but so enriching (check out our Facebook page here). The premise of the show is that each week, we make a mixtape playlist with our listeners on air. It’s a great time, and you can listen to us on on Fridays at 4pm AEST!


The Last 2 Mixtapes

I finally feel like I am fully immersed into a world of media and communication, and it’s helped me realise that yes, this is it. All of this searching for what will make your life worth it? It’s this. It’s the creating of content, the talking to other people, it’s being heard and having a voice, and it’s just doing something different and fun and fulfilling every day.

Looking back at the past 120 days of the year, I’m so glad I spent January planning for something bigger. I am proud of February for continuing a project I thought might just be another unfulfilled resolution. And I am beyond grateful that I spent March being brave. The great things that have happened this month I owe entirely to this project. Because it has made me conscious of each 24 hours I am given, and how I choose to spend those hours becomes tangible and perceivable in a real way when I write them down. This project has helped me focus, helped me believe in myself, helped me be braver.




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