In 2015, I was selected as one of 10 ASOS on Campus Student Editors from Australia. ASOS on Campus is a student hub celebrating the styles and lives of students in Australia, for students by students! It has been so wonderful working with ASOS this year – check out the articles and videos I’ve made so far!

THE GREAT ESCAPE: Exams are over and winter is here. If you’re lucky, soon you’ll be heading north in search of sun and fun. However, if you don’t have much gold in your Gringotts account, packing to a budget and a weight limit isn’t easy. So here are 10 warm weather must-haves to lighten your load (Read the article here).

BACK TO UNI ACCESSORIES: Heading back to uni after four weeks of Netflix and brunch is no easy feat. But you should never underestimate the power of good study accessories to get you in the mood for some brain food. No matter what back-to-school style you’re vibin’, we’ve got you covered. (Read the article here)

HOW OLIVE LIVES: Meet Olive from Melbourne Uni. She’s kicking some serious goals with her very own clutch label ‘Olive Made’. Get a behind the scenes glimpse into a day in the life of this super creative kid and check out her latest projects on insta @olive_made. (See it here)

UNI BALL PREP: The Uni Ball is the social high point of the semester, so get your squad, get a sweet pad in the city and get ready together! Take notes from the Melbourne Uni crew, these guys sure know how to pre-party. (See it here)

A LESSON IN VERSATILITY: Gone are the days when calling Lizzie McGuire an “outfit repeater” was Kate’s best insult – today we are all about the re-wear. Get your hands on some cute and colourful dresses and jumpsuits, because this summer we are vibin’ versatility. Here are three ways to style the one dress as it takes you from morning to night! (Read it here)


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