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The Secret Life of Strangers

Hidden amongst the social media platforms, etsy stores & movie-sharing hubs that is the Internet, there exists a not-so-secret collection of secrets. Post Secrets, to be specific. The blog is only one page long, and every few weeks or so, Frank Warren releases a new series of 30 or so handwritten postcards by strangers all across the world, each revealing a poignant, painful or pointless secret that they’ve hung onto for years. It all started back in the November of 2004 when Frank printed 3,000 postcards and left them to the public, inviting everyone to share their secrets. In the November of 2010, I discovered a lovely, hard cover book at my local bookshop. The first page read: PostSecret, extraordinary confessions from ordinary lives. And that was it, I was hooked. I read the whole book that afternoon, flipping through the pages and systematically imagining and misimagining the stories behind each secret. You always read about how therapeutic it is to finally let go of a secret, but no one ever tells you how cathartic …