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2018 // April

Twenty-four hours before my dog’s final appointment at the vet, I sat in the garden with his head in my lap and wondered if my neighbours across the fence could hear me saying goodbye to my 15 year friend.


2018 // February

I braided red string around my ankle on New Years Day and giddily daydreamed of the life-changing luck that would come to me this year, the Year of the Dog.

The 365 Project: February

Feb is a pretty weird month. For one, it’s only 28 days. For another, it’s sometimes 29. Feb is the end of summer for the south. It’s also roughly the time when you stop thinking about how it’s a ‘new’ year – it just becomes another year. It’s also without a doubt the most difficult month to spell. This February, I did some pretty great stuff. I bid adieu to my sister as she embarks on a 6-month exchange to Sheffield (she’s going to do great!). I started playing netball again with my high school friends, which turns out to be an awesome excuse to catch up each week. And I went on some pretty cute adventures with my friends in the last month of our summer holiday! One The Royal Croquet Club Picture some kind of huge garden party with food trucks, live music and – oh yes – a giant croquet lawn with tall tennis chairs and Pimms in cute, stripey cups. That was the Royal Croquet Club, a pop-up event near Melbourne’s CBD. Two …