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Back to Beijing โ€“ A home away from home

While walking through the town, I pictured a life of growing up in China. Of never having to feel anything other than belonging.


The 365 Project: January

Late last year, I spotted a fabric-covered, pale pink notebook with gold engraving in a Kikki.K shop and decided I must have it. The idea that I would fill a page of this notebook every day for an entire year was instantaneous – I would write down some kind of thought or musing that was prompted by the day’s events, and then at the end of 2015, I would have an entire book filled with all the ways that I had learned or wondered or grieved or celebrated this year. I have always ‘kept’ a journal, but my ‘keeping’ has been sporadic to say the least. I never had the discipline to write “Dear Diary” every day, but I kept one in case I needed to unravel my mind. But for some reason, I suddenly had this very intense desire for this notebook, and a thrilling faith that yes, this was the journal I would ‘keep’, literally. Perhaps it’s because the book only demands – nay, the book limits myself to – one page a …