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18 // January

2018 // January

January started and ended with looking at the sky. This and many others were my thoughts in January.


Rain & Regeneration

As the car snaked along a slippery, paved path, an army of myrtle beech trees watched attentively on either side like ladders extending into the clouds. The misty day engulfed the car so it felt like we were driving inside a cloud, leaving layers of dew dripping from every overhanging branch, leaf and flower. It was hard to believe this place had ever been on fire. But on the 7th of February 2009, as I sat in my air-conditioned house one scorching summer’s day, Marysville was in flames. Located 97 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, the small Victorian town lost 90% of its land to the Murrindindi Mill fire of Black Saturday. As Steph and I drove into Marysville that Tuesday morning, it was both difficult to imagine and impossible to forget the tragedy of Black Saturday. The entrance to the town was flagged with a fire danger rating scale. The words “PREPARE. ACT. SURVIVE” painted below the scale sat inflated against the low-moderate rating of the day. We pulled up at a parking bay and …