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2018 // February

I braided red string around my ankle on New Years Day and giddily daydreamed of the life-changing luck that would come to me this year, the Year of the Dog.



January 1st is a nothing day. We spend so much energy making sure the last day of December is a story to tell, that the first day of the new year is generally wasted in bed eating melted cheese on anything you can melt cheese onto. At least, that’s what it was like for me. Someone once told me that how you spend your New Years sets the tone for the rest of your year. If January is any indication, then they were not wrong. I did eat a lot of melted cheese. But I also spent a lot of time with my friends and a lot of time thinking about friendship – about what it means to be a friend, about what kind of friend I can be, about what kind of friend I need and deserve. I think that I’ve always been a good friend because I have always had good mental health. I think that I could always be enthusiastically there for my friends in every sense of the word – always …

Falls Festival

There are so many things to love about a music festival. There’s the four-wheel drives with mattresses and tents strapped to their lids, and there’s the road-trip soundtrack dancing in your ears as your stare out the window at the infinite road. There’s the deep-fried assortment of carnival cuisine which serenades you in the night and slaps you in the morning. There’s the gumboots and the raincoats and the facepaint and the guitars. The list goes on and on, and for the first time in my life I’m not romanticising. Falls Festival was everything you’d imagine and more. A Falls Bucket List written on the marquee, including 1. Kiss a boy (girl) with longer (shorter) hair than you. Falls was my first sleepaway festival, but I found myself feeling pretty prepared for what I was heading into. That’s the thing about living in the new age, even if you’ve never seen the Eiffel Tower or gone scuba diving with sharks, you can pretty much imagine what it’d be like. You can’t remember seeing an image of …